DDP - IWSP Integrated Weapon Storage Platform

Weapon Storage Cabinets

These weapon storage cabinets are designed for storage of any size rifle, shotgun, handgun or personal defense weapon stored vertically or horizontally. Weapons are secured inside the storage cabinets with an all-steel bi-parting tambour door. Configure your small arms inventory any way you desire for that custom weapon storage cabinet solution.
weapon storage cabinets
• 4 heights available, 60”, 64”, 72” & 83”
• Optional internal all-steel gates
• Federally approved security key locks
• Horizontal or vertical mounts
• Stores rifles with attached scopes & accessories
• Optional storage accessories
• Cabinets are re-configurable at a moments
weapons storage cabinet size variances
weapon storage cabinet
weapons storage cabinets with gate
Optional internal all steel gates
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