DDP - IWSP Integrated Weapon Storage Platform

Weapon and Evidence Storage

Weapon Storage Cabinets and Evidence Storage Cabinets are available in 60, 64, 72 & 83” heights. Choose from Hand Gun Compartments, M4/C8 Rifle Drawers, Lockable Storage Drawers & Roll-out Work Shelves to design your own Weapons or Evidence Cabinet. All components are secured inside the Weapons Storage Cabinets prior to shipping but can be changed with little effort if your requirement changes in the future. All cabinets are complete with a bi-parting steel tambour door with key lock.
83” Weapon Cabinet shown with
14 – (3)Compartment Hand Gun Inserts and 1 Work Shelf
83” Weapon Cabinet shown with
9 – (3)Compartment Hand Gun Inserts, 1 Locking Storage Drawer,
3 Compartment Hand Gun Insert
• 3 point lock mechanism
• 3 Abloy key locks (2 keys per lock)
• Internal rubber matting in each
Storage Drawer with Lockable lid
• Abloy lockable hinged lid
• 2 HD spring hinges
• 100 lb capacity
Rifle Drawer for M4/C8 Rifles
(5 capacity)
• 2 Abloy key locks
• Heavy gauge lock down bar
• Rifle stock and barrel rest