DDP - IWSP Integrated Weapon Storage Platform

Stackable Weapon Storage Racks


Stackable Weapon Storage Racks

Secure Storage Racks for;

Pistols & Revolvers
Carbines & Bullpups
Machine Guns
Spar Barrels
Bolt assemblies
Gas Guns, Masks
Grenade Launchers
.50 Cal Machine Guns
Mortar Tubes
Carl Gustav
Training Weapons
Bayonets & Knives
Ammo boxes & Mags
NVG and Optics
Hand Cuffs/ Leg Irons

Above is a partial list, many more unique storage components available.

For further details please contact us, your local distributor or visit our components pages by clicking here…

Each Stackable Weapon Rack comes complete with:

Heavy gauge swing gates- perforated for visual inventory

Reinforced inner base with adjustable butt stop

Built in DASCO weapon panel

Built in carry handles with inner security cover

Heavy duty pad-lock hasp

Built in reinforced wall mount panel

Adjustable feet for levelling (from inside the rack)

Enclosed locking mechanism

Optional ABLOY key lock mechanism

TWO stacked = 96”H x 42”W x 15”D

Secure up to 40 rifles in this stacked configuration


64.5” H x 42” W x 15”D

Secure Storage of longer weapons such as Sniper rifles or use the extra height for additional storage of ammo, pistols etc.

48”H x 42”W x 15”D

Secure Storage of weapons 46” or shorter.  Store up to 20  Long guns utilizing HD Components

Lockers, 48”H x 14”W x 15”D (EACH locker)

Secure long guns, pistols, ammo and many other items