DDP - IWSP Integrated Weapon Storage Platform

Gun & Borsighting Vise


Critically acclaimed, portable, light weight and highly adaptable maintenance vise. Specifically designed for military and law enforcement, the ideal solution for the modern armourer. Easily adjusts to most small arms effortlessly from pistols to sniper rifles.

This unique all-in-one design allows for breakdown, maintenance and cleaning of pistols, carbines, rifles and general purpose machine guns. Transforms within moments to a shooting rest. Secures weapon while boresighting. Reconfigure the I.W.S.P. Gun Vise for different weapon systems within seconds.

• Durable tubular welded steel construction
• Rock stable tri-base
• 3 Adjustable rubber coated levellers with Knurled Lock Nuts
• Comes with well situated slot for cleaning rod
• Height adjustable front ‘V’ rest
• Telescoping rear/stock grip
• Solvent resistant padding for ‘V’ rest and rear stock grip
• Adjustable angle and telescoping Shooting Rest (can be ordered separately)
• Finished in a durable e-coating
Two models of the I.W.S.P. Gun Vise are available.
Both Models easily adjusts to most small arms effortlessly from pistols to sniper rifles.
Example of weapons used with the I.W.S.P. Gun Vise …

M16/M4 (C7/C8) Family of assault rifles, carbines and PDW’s
SA80 A2 Assault Rifle (including L85/L86)
L129A1 Rifle
FAMAS F1 & G2 Assault Rifles
Steyr AUG’s (Austrian & Australian/NZ versions)
MP5, MP7’s Sub Machine Guns and PDW’s
G36 Assault Rifle
FN SCAR Special Forces Combat Rifle
FN 2000 Assault Rifle
FN P90 Sub-machine Gun
Remington 870 Family of Shot Guns
Mossberg 500 A1 and 590 Shot Guns
Hecat II Sniper Rifle
M249 SAW/F89 MINIMI Machine Gun
M240 B/MAG 58 Machine Gun
P226 SIG Pistol
M9 Pistol
Glock 23 and 23C Pistols
AK47 & AK74 Assault Rifles
SVD Sniper Rifle
Uzi, SMG, Mini SMG, Micro SMG, Pistol

Long and Short Tube Gun Vises can be stored vertically on the Universal Weapons Panel and horizontally on an adjustable shelf.


Stores away in any of the I.W.S.P. weapons racking solution … Stackable Weapons Racks (SWR),Expandable Weapons Racks (EWR) and Weapons Storage Cabinets (WSC). The I.W.S.P. Gun Vise can be used in concert with our one of a kind mobile and height adjustable I.W.S.P. Weapons Workbench.