DDP - IWSP Integrated Weapon Storage Platform

CarlGustav M2/M3 Container

Specially designed to store Carl Gustav M2/M3 Weapons.
Containers come complete with a 2-point Lock
mechanism controlled by an Abloy key lock,
padlock hasps located in the centre of the doors
and adjustable levellers. Designed to secure (4)
Carl Gustav weapons by utilizing the specifically
designed Bottom Saddle (# 999-14556) and the
Top Support Saddle with hinged locking bar
The same Container (# 999-14551) can be used
to store (7) Sniper Rifle Cases- Vertically. Utilizing
an additional shelf over the cases there would be
additional room for storage of mortars, sights, etc.

• 4 Capacity
• Pad Lockable outer Gates with Abloy Keylock
• Pad Lockable Cannon Saddle (2 capacity)
• 64.5”H (1638mm) x 42”W (1066mm)
x 21”D (533mm)


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